After suffering from a ruptured disc from a motorcycle accident, Chiropractor Jason Wersland introduced an effective and mobile treatment device to ease his pain and atrophy.

This starts the increasing popularity of Theragun in Australia. A lot of individuals are curious to know what the massage gun has to offer.

No More Enduring Pain

People are no strangers to pain, be it physical or mental. The human body has senses to feel the pain and it is usually to give signals that something is off.

However, the fact doesn’t change that people do not like to endure pain. They want to relieve muscle aches they feel and ease the tiredness in their body. As a result, they create and advocate more life-quality improvements.

Theragun is a recent innovative pain management tool in the pursuit of life-quality improvements and has been a favourite by a lot of Australians since its introduction for its flexible and visible benefits. It’s not merely a pain reliever but also a faster workout recovery device and a better performance enhancer.

Need for Theragun Australia

Australia has been classified years ago to be the world’s top country for body ache percentage at 97%. According to GlaxoSmithKline Australia (2016), Australians have been affected negatively by the constant and usual body pain they experience.

The residents show the reluctant acceptance that pain is part of their livelihood and the need for pain relief is already a part of their lives. They have begun the pursuit of health and wellness, opting for fitness sessions and pain therapies.

That’s why Theragun Australia should be popularised.

Social media has a roster of percussive therapy massage guns all over the place with famous celebrities, athletes, and fitness professionals exaggerating the device in all its glory. Theragun is the new trend for workout recovery, stress reliever, and more health-related functionalities.

The device will help the Australians in relieving the pain their body endures, as well as improve the quality of life they have. It will improve their performance in workouts, relax their whole body, reduce mental stress, and help them sleep well.

It is an on-demand massage therapy for Australians packed in a personal and convenient handheld tool!

Recovertech Australia

How Theragun Works

Theragun is personalised and tailored to fit the needs and demands at any desired time for the person who will use it. People merely move the device over the muscle they want to treat, and the effect is instant.

They may also choose the speed range and it speeds up the healing of sore muscles since everyone has their own preference on how they want the device to massage them. Theragun is a powerful device, reaching 60% deeper than an average massager. Theragun may be powerful, yet it is as quiet as an electric toothbrush when used.

Finally, the price range of $249-$599 reflects the functionality of Theragun. It may seem expensive, but it will certainly save a significant amount of money for Australians overall.