In todays world of internet marketing the best way to sell my car isn’t always online! There are old fashioned ways to sell a motor vehicle that stand the test of time. In general peoples fisrt choice is to list their car on a car sales website such as but these kind of methods come with their own list of problems that don’t always appear apparent at first. Some of the problems are as follows.

  • Strangers knowing where you live
  • Tyre kickers just wanting a look
  • Hagglers wanting a bargain
  • People coming over at all hours

The problem of strangers coming over to your home can be avoided by meeting any potential car buyers at a public location like a car park or sports field in your area. By meeting the person away from you home they will not be able to get a feel of your house and contents. Another thing to consider is to make sure the air conditioning works in the car and it doesn’t smell. Try visiting and get a professional in your area to check the car out.

Tyre Kickers

Tyre kickers are every car sellers worst nightmare and the term is used to describe a person who just wants to have a look, kick the tyres and waste your time before they leave. Although the person may sound genuinely interested they actually never had any intention of buying your car and just wanted to have a look. It’s as if you have a museum for old cars and send out free invitations for the general public to an “Open House” day!

Hagglers & Bargain Hunters

There is nothing wrong with hagglers or bargain hunters right? except the ones that are persistent and will stop at nothing to save a few bucks! They will barter and barter and in the end can drive you crazy as the resistance to your bottom line is relentless! Be firm with how much you want for your car and don’t give in to Mr Cheap skate just because he is the first one to make an offer.

People Coming Over At All Hours

Most people have a day job right? This is why you will get people wanting to come over to look at your cat at all sorts of odd hours like 7am and 8:30pm

This is fine if you don’t have a life or are desperate to sell your car, but if like any normal human being you have other stuff to do… This be really frustrating. Set a time frame when you can see people that suits your schedule. Be firm and make no exceptions.

There is always one way to sell your car that is old fashioned but wont get you as much money and that is buy selling your car to a second hand car dealer. This will save a lot of hassle and could be worth it just for the peace of mind that you will get by avoiding of the things we have spoken about today!

 Some Tips On Selling Your Car