Making a compensation claim for a motor vehicle accident can be confusing. If you have been hurt or injured in a motor vehicle accident you should make your claim for compensation as soon as possible to ensure that you receive support whilst recovering. Compensation law in Australia varies according to state based regulations.

Australian Motor Vehicle Compensation Law.

Australian motor vehicle compensation laws state that both the at-fault party and the injured party can make a claim for medical expenses. There are limitations placed on at-fault drivers as to how much medical assistance that they can claim. Drivers that are victims of negligent driving may claim not only for medical expenses incurred in recovering, but also lost wages and for damages incurred in being injured.

Insurance Companies.

Insurance claims for medical expenses and lost wages are generally claimed through an insurance agency. Compulsory third party or CTP insurance that every Australian motorist must pay with their car registration ensures that all Australians are covered for medical expenses.

Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Lawyer.

If the insurance payment for an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident is insufficient for meeting the expenses incurred in making a full recovery from a car accident then an additional claim may be made by a personal injury compensation lawyer on your behalf. As your representative in the injury compensation claim your compensation lawyer will make a case for the most compensation that you can legally claim for your injury and associated circumstances. Often a claim will go through a mediation process to expedite the claims process and hopefully have you compensated for your injury in the least amount of time as possible. Claims that do end up in court are often complex claims that require a judge or magistrate to make a ruling.

Providing Supporting Evidence.

A critical aspect of making a compensation claim is to have evidence that supports your version of events. If you lack sufficient evidence of events then it is very difficult for a motor vehicle accident lawyer to pursue a claim on your behalf. You want to make your lawyers’ job as easy as possible to ensure that you are able to obtain the maximum benefit for your motor vehicle accident compensation claim. If you are capable, take photos of the scene, and ask bystanders if they will make a statement of events. The police will undertake their own investigation of a motor vehicle accident, so please do not interfere with official police business.

Compensation Claim Requirements.

Different states in Australia have slightly differing laws around making a motor vehicle accident compensation claim. Please check with the local authority for state specific information. One aspect of making a motor vehicle accident claim that is standard Australia wide is the requirement that all claims are lodged within 28 days of the incident occurring. If you are considering making a personal injury claim for compensation please ensure that you have all of your evidence assembled and contact your personal injury lawyers prior to 28 days elapsing after the motor vehicle accident.